​The Laundry Room Reviews & Testimonials

I've been to three different laundromats in Berkeley and this is by far my favorite one. The machines all work and there is always at least one staff regularly maintaining the place. I also appreciate the social distancing set in place, which other guests follow and respect.

I LOVE THIS PLACE I CAN ONLY SAY THIS WAY: VERY CLEAN VERY GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE They have Dexter pay app so you can pay with your cc. This place is awesome new machines with wash and fold service. I feel very comfortable going to wash my clothes there knowing that they are disinfecting each machine after each use.

This is the best place WHERE anybody can wash their clothes GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE, new machines, variety of soaps, and the best of all is that you don't need coins to wash you can use dexter Pay app. I met the owner and he is very kind. I love this place because the attendants are focusing and maintaining the place very clean Sanitizing all areas around

This was my first time using a laundry service and I plan on using Laundry Room from now on! They were on time. Also, the pricing is extremely reasonable. I couldn't believe how inexpensive it was when it came back for so much laundry! Everything is folded so nicely and smells great. I recommend this service to everyone!

The cleanest laundromat I've ever seen! New machines, friendly staff and always open!

If you need to do laundry this is the place to do it. Each time I have done my laundry here the place is spotless including all the machines. They have small tables and chairs for chilling soda and snack machines and taco stand next door is good food. Everyone that works here very nice. Always kinda chill quiet.

This place is way overdue for a review. They recently remodeled so there's a lot more tables/seating inside. Every time I've gone the staff has been excellent. You can tell they care because they are going through wiping up any spills/ wiping down the machines every hour. Two vending machines, they have a little conscience store that sells various size and brands of detergent, bleach, dryer sheets, etc. Free WiFi and a few televisions. Most importantly, this place is affordable. It's half the price I used to pay at my old laundromat by the lake.

It's hard to find a good laundry spot in Berkeley, but the Laundry Room checks all the boxes. Other spots I'm worried my clothes aren't clean, but everything came out fresh. Dryers are inexpensive and quick. The staff is really helpful. I had a question about a payment (also like I can pay through the app) and she read my mind with her answer. Plus they have WiFi and lots of seating. It's nice how clean it is inside.